Access Control Systems

GIT Georgian Innovation Technology offers reliable and modern models of access control systems.


iFace302 | ZKTeco iFace302 | ZKTeco

Combined network access control system with face recognizer, abilities to use fingerprint and ID card.

It is used to check the working time of employees, provide recorded hours in text format.

Software Support ZKTime 5.0



C3-100/200/400 KR601E | ZKTeco Controller and reader

C3-100/200/400 KR601E | ZKTeco

Universal network access system controller and ID card reader which is used for homes, offices, lifts and turnstiles.

Software Support ZKAccess 3.5



Zkteco SCR100 Controller and readerSCR100 | ZKTeco

Controller and ID Cad reader. Combined network access system. The option to add 30000 ID cards. The possibility of attaching to the electric strikes and turnstiles.

Software Support ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKTime 5.0




inBio160/260/460 Professional biometric network access control deviceinBio160/260/460 | ZKTeco

Professional biometric network access control device. It has the possibility to assign a status individually for a couple of doors or turnstiles. It can add 30 000 ID cards and 3 000 fingerprints. It can save 100,000 logs. CPU: 32bit 400MHz CPU.

Software Support ZKAccess 3.5




FR1200 Professional biometric device

FR1200| ZKTeco

Combined biometric fingerprint and card reader device. Use for outdoor and indoor, protection class IP65.






ZK4500 | ZKTeco

Fingerprint programming biometric devices.