Human Switch Motion Sensor For Lighting

Human switch motion sensor for lighting

human sensor switch

Power: AC180-250V(50/60Hz)
Operating Temperature: -20 °C ~ +50 °C Operating power : ≦1000W
Load power: 5W-200W
Installation Method: Ceiling mounted
Detecting angle: 140 degree
Contacting way: input 220VAC, output 220VAC Lux range: 5 Lux ~ 500Lux ± 20% ajustable Delay range: 16~350 Secs ± 30%
Detect distance: 5-8 M Detect height: 3-4 m


          Full-auto Human Infrared Sensor Switch

The sensitization and delay time can be adjusted by the user
Operating voltage: AC180V-250V/(50/60Hz) Loading power: 5-1000W (MAX)
Static Consume: <0.5W
Sense range: 140degree,within 8m
Delay time: 16-400s(be adjustable) Temperature: -20C-50C