Parking Barrier Systems

We are offering high-quality barriers of European brand




               Set Contents

               AVAX MX6 Car Parking Barrier
               6 meter telescopic arm
               Arm sleeper ( bipod )
               Safety photocell
               Flasher lamp
               Remote control receiver
               Remote control

The Car Parking Barrier Systems works with the help of remote control, the yellow flashing lamp (Flasher Lamp) informs us starting of action. The arm can be opened simultaneously using a metal button. The barrier has a safety sensor that servers vehicle passing.



     Energy: 220VAC 50Hz
     Power Consumption: 80W 24VAC
     Body: IP44, Electrostatic painted
     Working Temperature: -20C +60C
     Dimensions: 30 cm width * 22 cm length * 106 cm height
     Arm Length: 5 meter 

It’s possible to set up an electronic car parking system using bar code tickets.


Energy: 50 Hz – 220 Volts AC
Power Consumption: 80 Watt
Case: Electrostatic painted
Working Temperature::  -20℃ +60℃
Dimensions: 122.5 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm

The device has the ability to work both offline and online mode. Users will be informed with all necessary information using the graphical display. The time assigned on the incoming vehicles is shown on the tickets which are printed by the car parking device.

Communication Method: RS-485
Warranty Period: 2 year
Quality Certificates: ISO 9001 და ISO 2008