PIR მოძრაობის დეტექტორი (სენსორი)

PIR მოძრაობის დეტექტორი (სენსორი)

Wireless Wide Angle PIR detector

Operating voltage: 3V battery Operating current:≤15mA,  Installation method: Wall mounted
Installation method: 2.2m is recommended
Detecting ditance: 12 meter
Detecting Angle:110°
Transmitting freq: 315MHz or 433MHz
Transmitting distance: more than 200m (in the open area)


          Wide Angle PIR detector

Input voltage: DC9-16V Operating current:≤18mA (DC 12V) Installation method: Wall mounted Installation method: 2.2m is recommended,
Detecting ditance: 12 meter
Detecting Angle:110°
Alarm output: N.C./N.O.optional


           Ceiling PIR detector

Input voltage: DC9-16V
Operating current:≤18mA (DC 12V) Installation method: Ceiling mounted
Installation method: 2.5m-6m is recommended
Detecting ditance: 8 diameter
Detecting Angle:360°
Alarm output: N.C./N.O.optional


            Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Operating voltage: 9V battery
Standby current: ≤25uA;Alarm current: ≤15mA Low battery indicator: yellow LED
Alarm indicator: red LED;Battery life: 6~12months
Installation mode: wall mounted or hanged in corner
Installation height: 2.2m is recommended Detecting distance: 12m; Detecting angle: 110° Transmitting frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz Transmitting distance: ≥200m(in the open area)


Detection distance: 12m@25℃
Detection angle: 110°
Power input: 9~16VDC @ about 65mA Sensitivity: adaptive frequency tracking
waterproof class: IP65 pet-immunity: 30kg
Infrared area: (11+11+9)×2=62(typical)
alarm output: solid relay, NO/NC,>100mA/30V,10Ω
interior impedance
Tamper interface NC,50mA/30VDC Anti-masking output: solid relay,NC
installation height: About 1.8~2.4m(recommend height is 2.1m)
installation mode: wall-mounted