Time Attendance

Time Attendance is used to calculate the hours worked by employees.


თანამშრომელთა სამუშაო საათების აღრიცხვა


თანამშრომელთა სამუშაო საათების აღრიცხვა












MAGIC PASS 20656     –  The device provides registration of users by card, password and fingerprint.

MAGIC FACE 857        – A combined device that allows users to register using a card, password, fingerprint and face.


The device has software support for generating reports. Reports can be exported in Excel, Word and PDF formats.

In the report, we see names, entry and exit, total working hours, how long an employee has been at work, late coming and early leaving, overtime working, working hours policy and status.

The number of hours worked is calculated with the smallest difference of the largest amount of time, no matter how many times the user has to be identified by a card, password, fingerprint or face.